About Intarel Scholars

Empowering Your International Academic Journey.

Unlock unparalleled opportunities with Intarel Scholars. We guide you through every step of your study abroad experience, ensuring a seamless transition to your dream university.

Our Mission

Empowering Students Through Global Education

About Intarel Scholars

Intarel Scholars is the dedicated study abroad division of Intarel Resource Ltd, a leading consultancy firm with a strong presence in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Our team of experienced and passionate consultants is committed to helping individuals achieve their academic and career aspirations by providing tailored guidance and support throughout their study abroad journey.

Our Expertise

With years of experience in the education consultancy industry, our team at Intarel Scholars possesses deep knowledge and expertise in international education systems. We are dedicated to offering personalized services that cater to the unique needs of each student, ensuring they receive the best possible advice and support to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Our Commitment

At Intarel Scholars, we are passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential. Our consultants work tirelessly to provide comprehensive support, from initial career counseling to securing university admissions, visa processing, and beyond. We believe in making the study abroad experience as seamless and rewarding as possible for every student we assist.

What We Do.

Career Counseling

Our expert counselors provide personalized career guidance to help you choose the right academic path and achieve your professional goals.

Visa Consultancy

Our visa consultants simplify the complex visa application process, providing you with the necessary support and documentation to secure your student visa.

University Admission Support

We assist you in selecting and applying to universities that best match your academic profile and aspirations, ensuring a smooth admission process.

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